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Top 10 Luxury Destinations

The results of a survey carried out by Travel Weekly to hundreds of travel professionals across the UK, the top 10 destinations in several categories has been compiled the following are the 10 best Luxury destinations. The results draw from not only professional expertise but feedback from customers. So which would you choose for your next luxury holiday, let us know and we'll plan it for you at no extra cost.

Source: Travel Weekly

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1. Maldives

As our lives become more hectic, the greatest luxury has become escaping from everyday life and so perhaps it's little wonder that this destination has won the day. A secluded stay in an overwater villa is just the start as Maldivian hoteliers have cleverly innovated to provide all kinds of novel luxuries from underwater spas, restaurants and night clubs, to salt sommeliers and "Sunshine Butlers", the Anantara Kihavah Villas Private Island even has its own submarine!

2. Dubai

Dubai does nothing by halves, its now home to the world's tallest building, the   world's largest man-made island and even the biggest gold ring! It's put the  same effort into it's luxury holidays. The Burj Al Arab was the world's first ever  Seven-star hotel but it does have healthy competition as virtually every other  luxury hotel chain has at least one property there. Even the fashion houses are  getting in on the act with hotels from Armani, Versace, Cavalli and Bulgari.

With Dubai International now the worlds busiest airport and the world's leading hub, it's the perfect stop-over for a few days, you should try it.

3. Mauritius

Agents that voted for Mauritius not only gave it the thumbs up for its high quality luxury hotels but also for excellent value for money. Whilst of course you can spend a small fortune on luxury supersuites, it is increasingly becoming THE place for aspirational luxury for less market too.

All inclusive packages are becoming more available too with the LUX properties in particular standing out with their extra special touches including vintage ice cream, movies on the beach and free calls home from red telephone boxes dotted around the resort.

4. Seychelles

When a destination is chosen by both British and Hollywood royalty you know it's a bit special. North Island hosted both William & Kate and George & Amal Clooney on their honeymoons putting it at the top of the Seychelles Private Island resorts.

They're not getting it all their own way with stiff competition from the likes of Fregate Island, Denis and Desroches all of whom combine luxury with ecological stays, the perfect combination given the stunning natural beauty of these islands. Our favourite is the Banyan Tree, gorgeous.

5. St Lucia

We were surprised to see Saint Lucia at the top of the Caribbean list but it's definitely up and coming reflecting both the calibre of the high-end resorts and the efforts of the local tourist authorities. Saint Lucian luxury hotels including the Sandals resorts and in particular Jade Mountain and Ledera have made a signature of the missing fourth wall concept giving guests wallpaper of the island's lush beauty as well as private infinity pools just steps from their beds.

6. Barbados

The "Platinum" nickname of Barbados West Coast may refer to its pale sandy beaches but it could just as easily refer to its range of luxury hotels. Beyonce, Simon Cowell both of whom have stayed at "swanky" Sandy Lane others may prefer the more intimate feel of the boutique The House or the stylish Fairmont Royal Pavillion.

For foodies it doesn't get much better than The Cliff restaurant with its stunning setting and legendary food.

7. Thailand

Service is a key ingredient when it comes to keeping luxury clients happy and so a destination where hospitality is ingrained into the culture it's no surprise that Thailand features in the list. Thailand offers excellent value even at the top end of the market and spreads its luxury product around from gorgeous beach hotels to high-end urban stays in Bangkok.

8. Italy

When it comes to Europe, no one does la dolce vita like the Italians. Luxury accommodation in Italy comes in many forms from castles in Tuscany and palazzos in Florence and Venice to boutique hotels on the Amalfi Coast and swish beach hotels in Costa Smerelda in Sardinia. You can't of course forget the food and wine.

9. USA

With a domestic crowd as least as demanding as the British, the US has no problem in rising to the luxury challenge and not just in the cities. Of course New York and Las Vegas excel when it comes to high-end hotels but it's true in other parts such as desert spas in Scottsdale, Arizona and swish ski lodges in Aspen, Colorado.

10. Greece

Romantic boutique hotels from the Grace Group keep couples happy on Santorini and Mykonos while on Crete and in mainland Greece at Peloponnese and Halkidiki, large deluxe resorts with incredible levels of facilities keep families and those looking for more action happy

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