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Interesting Facts About Mauritius

Here are some interesting facts about Mauritius.

1. The total area of Mauritius is around 2000 sq. kilometres with 330 km of coastline mostly surrounded by coral reefs. The capital of Mauritius is called Port Louis and over 40% of the population live here. Mauritius has 20 other smaller islands under its administration.

2. Although the official language of Mauritius is English. Most people in Mauritius speak French and Creole. However, important Government communiqués are given in English and then translated in to French for the whole population.

3. Mauritius is segmented into 9 districts. These districts are called Grand Port, Savanne, Moka, Plaine Wilhems, Pamplemousses, Black River, Port Louis, Flacq and Riviere du Rempart. Other islands that belong to Mauritius are Rodrigues and Agalega.

4. The flag of Mauritius is represented in 4 colours. These are Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. Mauritius gained the flag during its independence on the 12th of March 1968. Each colour on the flag of Mauritius has a meaning. Red means freedom. Blue means the colour of the sea, (the Indian Ocean). Yellow means the sunshine and Green refers to the agriculture of Mauritius.

5. The laws of Mauritius are more or less based upon the French civil laws.6. With a complicated ethnic mix, about 30% of the population is of African descent and the rest is mostly of Indian descent, both Hindu and Muslim. Political allegiances are organised according to class and ethnicity.

7. The Dodo, an extinct flightless bird was found only on Mauritius and no where else.

8. Sugarcane is the main crop grown here and sugarcane fields use 80% of the land. Tea is also widely grown here.

9. There are no wild animals on Mauritius, even the snakes are of the non-poisonous variety

10. The seven coloured earth at Chamarel is one of the most well known attractions in Mauritius. It consists of seven different coloured sand dunes, mainly, red, brown, violet, green, purple, blue, and yellow.

Now you’ve read a few interesting facts about Mauritius, contact us for your holiday quote.

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