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Go West…….The Rocky Mountaineer!

In 1851 Horace Greeley said the immortal words – “Go West, Young Man” – as advice to escape the city and return to nature. With One Week or Two you can do much the same, at least for a short time.

The Rocky Mountaineer is a luxury locomotive that runs several lines across Western Canada. Starting in Vancouver, a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer takes you across the Canadian Rocky Mountains, a beautiful range that runs from the Canadian/American border to the Northern point of British Columbia. Along the journey you’ll stop in places you’d never see again, like Hell’s Gate at Fraser Canyon, or Jasper National Park. This is not the train from your morning commute!

The Rocky Mountaineer will be on many people’s bucket list. After all, National Geographic has called it one of the “World’s Greatest Trips”. Comparable in luxury to the Flying Scotsman, but with the astounding beauty of the mountains, lakes and parks of Western Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer is a train journey unlike any other. Stop off and explore in some of the mining towns, national parks or historical landmarks across the route.

These are places that you can only see on the train. The routes head right through the natural scenery, giving you a beautiful view of the wild West. The secluded beauty of Jasper, Kamloops, Banff and Lake Louise will be once-in-a-lifetime snapshots that you’ll remember forever.

And as you gaze out of the panoramic windows at the awe-inspiring landscape, you’ll be waited on with outstanding service. You’ll be served with gourmet breakfasts and lunch to tuck into as you glide through the mountains, prepared by award-winning chefs, as well as drinks and snacks along the way.

Why not add the Rocky Mountaineer to a skiing holiday in Whistler, or a road trip across Canada? Or even as an exclamation point to a trip up the West Coast of North America?

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