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The mighty dash for a sunlounger

As the dawn chorus begins during the months of July and August, you will find many a sleep-deprived holiday maker make the mad early morning dash to the sun lounger. Across the Mediterranean, and even further afield like Lanzarote, you will find holiday makers in their dozens making their mark at the pool side. Many a holiday maker has viewed the scene from their balcony of the dash to reserve the sunbeds before the sun has fully risen. That same holiday maker has laughed at the scene and vowed not to follow the trend, however they secretly set the alarms on their watch to be part of the crowd the next morning. As they say, "if you can't beat them - join them!"

It is an interesting situation, where everyone argues that its not right that there is a fight to reserve a sun bed, however they still form part of the problem. So the question is why? I suppose the answer is that everyone wants a sun bed - so much more comfortable than the floor - right? Unfortunately there is never enough for every holiday maker, but does every holiday maker need a sunlounger at the same time. So what is the solution? I suppose there are the following options:

a. The hotel has enough sunloungers for every customer, but there is never space.

b. The hotel staff faces the wrath of holiday makers by removing towels that are reserving sunloungers.

c. You have to hire a sun-lounger - who wants to pay extra money out when you are on holiday?

d. You remove all sunloungers? Is suppose that would work, but may not be feasible.

Or you rely on everyone to be sensible and only use a sunlounger when they actually need one. Maybe that is a pipe-dream, but it is very frustrating that everyone joins in (like forming a queue at the bar when on holiday - don't get me started!)

So I feel better that I have that off my chest, and I want you all to join with me to make a pledge to never join the mighty dash for a sunlounger; lie in and enjoy the extra sleep (and get your partner to do it!)

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