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"Get Your Kicks on Route 66"

The romance of Route 66 continues to captivate people around the world. Running between Chicago and Los Angeles, “over two thousand miles all the way” in the words of the popular R&B anthem, this legendary old road passes through the heart of the United States on a diagonal trip that takes in some of the country’s most archetypal roadside scenes. If you’re looking for great displays of neon signs, rusty middle-of-nowhere truck stops, or kitschy Americana, do as the song says and “get your kicks on Route 66.”

Route 66 passes through a marvelous cross-section of American scenes, from the cornfields of Illinois all the way to the golden sands and sunshine of Los Angeles, passing by such diverse environs as the Grand Canyon, the Native American communities of the desert Southwest, the small-town Midwest heartlands of Oklahoma and the Ozarks, as well as the gritty streets of St Louis and Chicago. Whether you are motivated by an interest in history, feel a nostalgic yearning for the “good old days” Route 66 has come to represent, or simply want to experience firsthand the amazing diversity of people and landscapes that line its path, Route 66 offers an unforgettable journey into America, then and now.

Make it Happen!!

Take to the open road and journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific, follow in the footsteps (or tyre tracks) of some true American icons on this archetypal pilgrimage. Stops include Chicago, Springfield, St Louis, Springfield, Tulsa, Amarillo, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Gallup, Flagstaff, Las Vegas & Los Angeles.


• Return flights • 17 days car hire • 17 nights accommodation

From £1,859 per person from either Belfast, Birmingham or Glasgow

Valid for travel: 04 Apr - 19 Jun 16


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