All-Inclusive with Iberostar

The ideas of all-inclusive holidays, generally, fills me with dread. I am not sure if it is the sense of being in a battery farm, the 24 hr marathon drinking that fellow holiday makers seem to partake in or the habitual gluttony. Even though I have reached a certain age, and have a family to think of, I still hanker after the adventure, like diving the cenotes of Mexico, sleeping in a salt lick in the Taman Negara rain forest or sailing the Gulf of Thailand, however this Summer I was completely out of Brownie points to be able to dispute my spouse's choice of holiday destination - so it was the Iberostar Alcudia Park Mallorca and I had no way of arguing otherwise.

So with my anxiousness in-grained, since stepping through the sliding doors of the Alcudia Park, I have been completely blown away. The newly renovated facilities gave the hotel a fresh and optimistic feel that instantly made me visibly excited. Blown away is not an under-estimation and even with a critical eye (I am always determined to go back to my spouse with some sort of snide comment to make her think twice of forcing me to an all-inclusive again), I found very little to complain about. In fact the hotel, and therefore my holiday, has been amazing.

So where do I start? The staff, which includes the entertainers, the admin, the chefs, the waiters, the cleaners and most importantly, the bar staff, have