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Fabulous Las Vegas - 6 Great Offers for 5 Nights in the FUN capital of the world!

Why Go?

The travel guide in the Daily Telegraph says:

Risque nightlife and glamorous casino resorts draw crowds from around the world but not just to gamble and gawp. In modern Las Vegas, top chefs dish up global flavours, while boutique hotels, fashion-forward shops, art galleries and chic clubs attract even gambling neophytes who can’t tell a full house from a flush.

Where casinos have no clocks, nightlife has no limits, and Sin City stays wide-awake until dawn. Saunter past velvet ropes at an ultra lounge, sip cocktails under the stars at a rooftop bar, or take in a mega-star’s stage show.

Roll out of bed just in time for a champagne brunch buffet, then sun yourself at a hot pool club. Las Vegas is made for sybaritic escapes from the humdrum everyday.

From its roots as a Western cowboy town, Las Vegas (Spanish for “the meadows”) transformed into a mid-20th-century mobster hideaway, where Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack, stars such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis, and bigwigs like JFK cavorted with showgirls.

Every building boom has been bigger and better than the last. Even during the recent US economic recession, the action at casino tables along the Strip hardly missed a beat.

So, when to go. Las Vegas is definitely an anytime destination. Casino doors never shut, not even for Christmas. Spring and autumn are the most temperate times to visit. In summer, the heat and humidity can be oppressive, although it’s also when Vegas’ sexy pool season peaks.

There you have it, CLICK HERE to see our 6 great offers for going to LAs Vegas this coming Autumn. Just a £100pp deposit is all that's needed to book.

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