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Visas On Arrival for UK Visitors!

Good news for UK travellers to India this morning as it is being reported by NDTV in India today that:

Tourists from four countries including the United Kingdom could soon be eligible for visas on arrival, said government sources today.

Currently, 43 countries including the USA are eligible for visas-on-arrival. In his budget speech last month, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the privilege will be extended to 150 countries which will be added “in phases.”

Sources in the Tourism Ministry say Dr Mahesh Sharma, who heads the department, has asked Home Minister Rajnath Singh to clear China, the UK, Spain, Italy and France for the scheme.

Home Ministry sources told NDTV that UK, Spain, Italy and France are likely to make the cut soon. “We don’t see much problem in these countries,” a senior official said asking that he not be named.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to visit China in May year and there have been several demands by both countries for easing visa restrictions to promote tourism and business. “We are trying to work out a way wherein security concerns are addressed and it is easy to get visas as well,” the officer added.

India are very keen to promote visitors to this beautiful country and we think making it easier and cheaper can only help.

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