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Glamping Arctic Style

Spend the night in the Arctic wilderness in a deluxe Sámi lavvu tent, hear about the life of the Sámi people and meet their reindeer and delight in good food and nature at Sörbyn Lodge. Perfect!

These are no ordinary Sámi lavvus, these must surely be some of the most comfortable 'tents' you will find. A stove fire to keep you warm, a comfortable bed to sleep on, a communal lounge area with bar and restaurant. This is definitely NOT camping as we know it. This is glamping Arctic style!

After a unique night under the Northern Lights you will more fully appreciate how hard life must have been for the Sámi reindeer herders when in days of old they spent months herding their reindeer, transporting their tents and provisions, setting up camp, building a fire, prepararing their food and sleeping on reindeer skins before waking to another full day's work and doing it all again.

From one of our specialist Scandanavian suppliers we have found this gem of a trip to Swedish Lapland for a unique 4 night experience.

See the full Itinerary and the full range of optional activities HERE

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