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Dispelling Cruise Myths

Cruising has a long and rich history but like many types of other holiday there are many long held beliefs that are now out of date and incorrect.

Cruising has been the fastest growing holiday sector for some time now and there are no signs of it stopping. Richard Branson has recently announced that Virgin are entering into the cruise market and are building two new cruise ships for launch in 2020. No doubt Virgin will be planning something different and special but the fact that it's five years until launch is evidence enough that the market will continue to grow.

Offering world class facilities and dining, panoramic sea views, cruising really is one of the most fantastic and romantic ways to travel and there is defintiely a cruise to suit everyone these days. So, lets clear up some of the myths:

Cruising is for old people

Not if you choose one of the modern resort style ships. These are made for families and are absolutely packed with actitivites, everything from surfing, rock climbing, ice skating and more recently even full sized water parks!

Just like family hotels there are kids and teens clubs and often to a higher standard, cinemas and live entertainment.

Cruises are like floating holiday camps

If you are busy mapping out a trip around Europe or planning to visit Macchu Picchu, then you might be thinking that a cruise is a "cheesey" choice for a holiday. The truth is that cruises are now as diverse as any other form of travel.

Whether you are looking for an adventure cruise to Alaska or a party-trip to Mexico, cruises provide attractions around the world, often at a very affordable price. You can see the Roman ruins in Italy, or make your way from London to New York.

I'll get seasick

StartFragmentBeing on the ocean for any period of time can make some people ready to heave their lunch over the side of the boat. But cruise boats are built to be extremely stable, to the point that you may not realize you're on the water until after you're off the boat.

Partly due to their size and durability, cruise ships hum along nicely, even in choppier waters. If you are extremely prone to sickness with any sort of movement not under your control, there are plenty of options to ward-off-the-woozy. Dramamine and Bonine are over-the-counter possibilities, while ginger and wrist bands are additional natural remedies.

StartFragmentI have to get off the ship at every port.

No you don't, and many customers prefer to stay on the ship when it is in port, as theship tends to be quieter. Normally if you are in port you can either disembark and explore the destination yourself, or you can pre-book one of the many different cruise line experiences on offer.

The same applies if the ship moors at sea, and you have to get on atender to get into port. You can still go on land and explore at your own pace or opt for one of the experiences. Alternatively, you can choose to relax onboard the ship.

StartFragmentI'm travelling alone. Will I feel left out?

A cruise is one of the best holidays around if you're travelling alone, especially if you choose a small ship with single cabins, as there'll be lots ofother people also on their own to make friends with. The exception to this small-ship rule is Norwegian Cruise Line's huge Norwegian Epic, which holds 4,000passengers but has 128 single cabins that come with exclusive access to a solos' lounge, where lone travellers can meet. These cabins do not have a single supplement, so you do not have to pay extra for travelling solo.

Several other cruise lines, notably Fred Olsen Cruise Lines, Saga Cruises and Spirit of Adventure have single cabins, and other cruise lines are revising their approach to single supplements.

StartFragmentMost cruises go to the Caribbean

Since cruises became commercially available to the average person, it seems that they've been linked to only sunny places like the Caribbean. While many people do choose to go to a warm and beachy destination on their cruise, there are plenty of cruise lines to choose from that will take you far away from sun and sand.

You can head to Antarctica and hang out with penguins on a Polar Cruise, or see European castles on an Avalon River Cruise. Don 't forget Greenland as a possibility on a Hurtigruten cruise, where you 'Il witnesssome amazing ice caps and beautiful animals.

StartFragmentCruise ships are crowded

When you see photos of cruises, they almost always include pa

cks of parents and kids near a pool, or large groups of men and women partying it up on a side deck. Contrary to what these pictures show, cruise ships tend to have plenty of room and offer "alone space" other than your room.

Head to the gym in the early afternoon, and you 're almost sure to have it to yourself. Go to one of the night time event rooms in the morning, and it's bound to be empty. Hit the coffee bar in the evening and you'll be sure to be able to curl into a chair and enjoy a book.

I will have to dine at set times with people I don't know

It is completely up to you, when you book your cruise, whether you choose a more traditional cruise line, which may feature set meal times and seating arrangements, or you can choose a more flexible cruise line, offering ´freestyle cruising´. This means you can eat and drink where you like, when you like, and there are no restrictions or dress codes. Open seating and alternative dining venues means you have the freedom to enjoy the cruise without any set dining times or strict seating arrangements.

The choice of food is limited

The choice of food on modern cruise ships is incredible, and whether you want breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks or all four, you won´t be disappointed. With many choices available for each meal, including several vegetarian options, and a vast range of meats, vegetables, pasta, salad, fruit and fish dishes, there are dishes to suit all tastes and requirements. If you are a Vegan, or if you have special dietary requirements, mention this at the time of booking and you will be catered for.

In summary, there really is these days a cruise to suit everyone and consequently the choice is huge. If you need help in making the right choice whether you're travelling alone, as a couple or a multi-generational family group, we can help you make the right choice. Call us on 01279 210 658 or complete the short form at






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